5 Habits That Helped Me Learn Japanese (And Pass N1)

Like many this past December I sat down for the N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. It was not my first time taking the N1- I’d failed it by a small margin the previous year (I bombed the vocabulary section yet inexplicably performed well everywhere else). With the bad memory of failing the test last time still fresh in my mind, it was to my shock and relief that I was able to pass it this time around. (My vocabulary score was still mediocre)

I’ve written a post previously about mistakes I’d made studying Japanese in the past. I’d like to put a more positive spin on that post and write a little bit about some things I feel like I did that helped me get the N1.

I Studied Almost Every Day:

When writing about my two major mistakes studying Japanese, I mentioned how I relied way…

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