20 Things You Need To Know About India Before You Visit:

Morgan Traut

“It is an assault on all the senses
in the best and the worst ways.”

– A Jaipur Local on the sensory experience of Indian street culture.

When I visited India back in 2015, I never expected a vacation to change my life as much as that one did. I was 23, fresh out of my college bubble, surprised and amazed at how different the world can be the farther you are from home. It was inspiring, feeling like I traveled to a different planet, with small cross-cultural similarities going unnoticed due to the overshadowing contrast of the new diversity of culture, technology, and architecture around me. My perception of my place in this world broadened and my motivation to see the rest of the world had skyrocketed to new heights. It truly is like no other place in the world. While in India, I would catch myself planning my…

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