What is Learning Experience Design (LXD)?


Recently, I had to do share what Learning Experience Design (LXD) is to internal stakeholders in our organization for an upcoming event I’m wrangling (shout out to the LXDCon planning team!). I have been working in this field for a while, so once you’re embedded you forget that others might not have a clue of how you work or what you do.

Thanks to the fundamentals of LXD from LXD.org + a couple of books on my shelf, I defined the basics of what I do in my world of work, in brief.

I decided to go back to my explainer roots, to script and animate what LXD professionals do — here is a modified version without the conference trailer pitch:


Learning Experience Design, or otherwise known as LXD, is an interdisciplinary field of expertise. LXD creates methods and modes to acquire skills and knowledge based on desired learning…

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