Offering Yourself Space & Time

Kara Cumberton, LMT

For those who know me, most of them already know that I need alone time, or at least quiet time. What I’m realizing recently is I didn’t realize just how much of it I sometimes need to truly thrive.

Needing time to unwind is not about not liking people or being introverted.

It’s not that I don’t love connecting with those I love; I absolutely delight in deep connection and sharing love with others. I love deep conversations, walks through the woods, talking about horses or healing work, and moments spent physically close to those who are special to me. And for those of you I haven’t seen in a while… trust me, I miss you.

Some people might think that the only humans who need time to be quiet, reflect, or express are introverts. I would argue that everyone’s nervous system needs time to unwind, relax, and reflect, even…

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