good old fashioned jam drop biscuits

lo's kitchen

The thing I love most about cooking is the story behind each recipe. Take jam drops for example. I have very happy memories helping Mim make endless batches of these for Pa in the school holidays.

Boy did my Pa have a sweet tooth! The biscuit containers at the farm were always full of jam drops and cornflake biccies and Mim kept the lolly cupboard well stocked with his favourites too; being liquorice all sorts, Tim tams, jubes and don’t forget the Cadbury diary milk. Pa would always offer the lolly jar to anyone that came to sit next to him in his red recliner chair at Jamea. I never had the heart to tell Pa that I actually didn’t like liquorice or jubes, but I’d take one anyway, enjoying the shared experience that the lolly would bring with it.

I could talk about jam drops all day long. I used…

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