The Benefits of Talking

Pointless Overthinking


Hi everyone,

Let’s talk about how talking is essential in life today.

I am Turkish. I am culturally inclined to talk. We talk all the time. You can put two Turkish people who don’t know each other in the same room and they will find a lot of things to talk about. I can talk to a stranger for several hours like that. So, I don’t mean small talk here. It is talking just for the sake of communication. Talking without a purpose. Meeting for brunch and chatting randomly. It can also include expressing emotions without trying to achieve to solve the issue. It also is better in person. That kind of talking. Once, we were in an Uber car and the driver happened to be Turkish. He told me all his life story in our 20-30-minute ride, which surprised my friends. After all, he does not know me and…

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