No Greater Christmas Gift Than Love

This Man's Journey

December is speeding towards Christmas. Christmas is sprinting towards New Year. Then, 2021 is gone. No Rewind. No take two. It’s over. What was given or not given can’t be undone.

Our first Winter in SF has lots of fond happy childhood memories at Pier 39.

Christmas dilemma? Finding the right gift that is both personal and special. Many will give up on the challenge and just buy something convenient at the Malls or Costco. But some, will make an effort to do their research, care and diligence.

At Macy’s Toy Land overlooking Union Square SF.


What is it really we want more than anything?

Isn’t it more quality time? Is it more happiness? Is it more unconditional love? All? Everything?

More merry and bright up close. Santa Day SF.

Where do we find these gifts? How do we contain them long enough to wrap them?

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