My 2022 Word Of The Year and How To Choose Yours

Positively Eleanor

Setting yourself a word of the year can be a great alternative or addition to your new year’s resolutions. It can be your guide when you’re setting goals and help you to determine what is really important to you.

I have quite a few goals that I want to work on through 2022, but I noticed that all of them centre around the same theme.

That theme is… Consistency.

Most of my goals contained words such as ‘continue’, ‘stop’, ‘keep on’, and ‘keep trying’. It leads me to believe that the common theme of all of my goals is just staying consistent with things.

I’m the queen of starting things and never finishing them. This reflects in my goals too. I often find myself setting a goal and after a week, I got bored and didn’t work on it anymore. I know this about myself and I know that…

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