15 Budget-Friendly Things to Do in Honolulu

The PirateKingMax Adventure Blog

If you’ve ever thought about visiting Hawaii, you probably know it’s expensive. Getting there takes a long flight, and when you arrive the hotels and restaurants are not cheap. But there is hope for the budget traveler! If you visit Hawaii’s most popular destination of Honolulu, there are lots of activities that won’t cost you much. Even better, many of these options will help you see a more local side of the city.

Getting Around Honolulu

Before we start the list, let’s talk about logistics. As of late 2021, Hawaii is experiencing a rental car shortage that has prices soaring. RIP wallet! While a rental car is the most convenient option, you can save by using a bit of public transportation, ride sharing, and walking.

Many of the activities can be reached using Oahu’s public bus system called The Bus. It’s $2.75/ride, cash only. If you’re using the system extensively…

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