How To Learn To Love Exercise – Not Just Suffer Through It

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We all know regular exercise is key to boosting physical and mental health, but sometimes, the idea of actually doing it feels too much like hard work. But re-framing your mindset around working out, shaking up your routine or establishing a new one, can transform exercise from chore to treat (yes, really).

You can learn to discover the joy of working out. Here’s how:

1. Don’t be Ashamed

Personal trainer Joe Edmonds sees this all the time: people who want to exercise more, but are terrified to venture into the gym because they are worried that regular users will laugh at them. The reality, he says, “is that, generally speaking, other people don’t care. They’re doing their own thing.”

Edmonds advises people to push past the discomfort for a few sessions. “I find that if people can just get in for one or two weeks, they soon change their perception…

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