The Best Way to Prepare for a Job Interview

Allie Morgan Coaching

Interviews can be so nerve-wracking and the uncertainty of what’s about to unfold can send your brain into overdrive. What if you mess up? What if they laugh you out of the room? What if, what if, what if?

Today, I want to share with you the best way to prepare for an interview. I’m going to share with you what I personally do to prepare for interviews (because I do have a day job too!) and what I advise my clients to do as well.

Now, before I get to that, let’s run through what you should be doing as standard for any interview you have coming up.

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What you should already be doing for interviews

Firstly, you should definitely have a copy of the job description, or at the very least notes from a recruiter to start with. It’s so important to…

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