Dramatic Black and White Photos of Lake Powell

Utah Hiking Pursuing Balance Thru Adventure

As Seen Through the Lens of Roger Jenkins

Lake Powell in Black and White Showcases it’s Ageless Beauty

A Powerful and Dramatic Back Drop to the Waters of Lake Powell

The Camera Captures this Strong Image of this Wild Land

This Artist Piece Could be a Day Old or a 150 Years

This Haunting Image Beacons You Deeper and Deeper in the Canyon Despite the Encroaching Storm

Lake Powell is Truly Magnicient Even in Black and White

Violent Monsoon Storm Races Across the Desert

Moonlight sparkling on Lake Powell

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2 thoughts on “Dramatic Black and White Photos of Lake Powell

  1. Thanks for sharing ‘Dramatic Black and White Photos of Lake Powell’.

    Pursuing Balance Through Adventure is all about finding ourselves through wondrous experiences in nature: Hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, exploring, scrambling, Off-Roading. It is about finding a counter balance between our busy work a day World and Nature’s Bliss.


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