The SPARTANS and their heroic leader

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No I am not talking about King Leonidas 1 and his brave 300.

But rather Master Chief Petty Officer John-117!

Now I have to say that I am totally new to the Halo universe, having only watched the first three episodes of the Paramount TV series. I am not a devotee of computer games and so have never played any of the Halo series of games either.

I am completely hooked after just these three shows, so much so that I have scoured the google universe looking for some 28mm figures. Most have just been conversions from other figures like GW Spacemarines, but I finally found some from Digital Artist Giorgio Donato. Unfortunately they are Digital files, but I have been lucky enough to have a gaming friend with a 3D printer who has agreed to print them for me.

Spartan Group 1

Spartan Group 2

Here are the…

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