The Ultimate Cinnamon Rolls

Allie and the Oven

I have made sooooooooooo many cinnamon roll recipes in my lifetime. I would say that of all those recipes only 2 have sometimes turned out well. None of them have consistently been amazing. They always feel so hit or miss and honestly they are usually a miss. But, I have found the holy grail of cinnamon rolls! I have made this 2021 recipe of the year from King Arthur Baking a few times now and I cannot believe how AMAZING these rolls taste! The texture is just as they describe it, pillowy soft. The best part is that they stay that way for days! So you can make them the day before and reheat them with no change to how fantastic the rolls are to eat. I doubled the recipe when I made it because I wanted to make enough cinnamon rolls to share. You can easily half it to…

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