Vegan Mini Oreo Cakes (GF-Option)

Nourishing Amy

The cutest and most delicious mini Oreo cakes. Two layers of chocolate sheet cake, cut out and sandwich together with Oreo Buttercream all covered in an Oreo Buttercream crumb coat decorated with chocolate ganache and mini Oreos.

I have been so excited to share these Vegan Mini Oreo Cakes with you after I made them a couple of weeks ago. I saw a friend, and someone who inspires me a lot on Instagram, make some mini cakes and I thought it was about time I made some, too. A cross between a cupcake and a cake-cake, these mini cakes are the best of both worlds. They are delicious finger food (I prefer to eat with a cake fork, though) but you get all the fun of normal cake. By fun, I mean all the buttercream frosting, the layers and the filling!

Vegan Mini Oreo Cakes
Vegan Mini Oreo Cakes

These Vegan Mini Oreo Cakes…

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