Ice Cream Cake

Beetroot Hummus

This stunning cake is perfect for a birthday. The different flavours complement each other to create a delicious dessert: luscious strawberry, sweet vanilla and rich chocolate.

To ensure the brownie base is not frozen, the cake is assembled just before it is served. The warm ganache is also designed to aid in this. By pouring it once the cake has been sliced and plated up, there is still a delicious contrast between warm and cold.

For a truly delectable dessert, follow the tips below;

  • Ensure the chocolate pieces you stir through the brownie batter are about chocolate chip size. As the cake is not warmed before is it eaten, larger pieces would just form lumps in your brownie. They are also very difficult to cut through if having it frozen the next day!
  • Refreeze the strawberry ice cream layer before creating the vanilla ice cream layer on top. This prevents…

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