RV Vacations Making A Comeback In A Big Way

All Around BC

In 2020 we saw that many people sought to rent campers and RVs because they wanted to still get out and have a vacation but stay distanced and do their own thing.

“Covid Campers” became all the rage as retailers offering motor home rentals and trailer rentals quickly ran out as the demand climbed.

RV sales smashed records last year and sellers in a variety of places quickly ran out of supply. Those in the business could not have anticipated what they were going to witness unfold for this market. Some didn’t think that the travel demand was going to be as strong as it was.

Those trailers and campers offered people a chance to get away but still stay distanced and that’s why they saw a surge in popularity.

Around the U.S. and Canada we saw that there was an incredible demand for RV sales and rentals, for trailers…

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