How not to Lose Hope in Life? Tokyo 2020 Olympics

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This isPravin Jadhav.

He recently represented India in the Mixed Archery event in Tokyo Olympics 2020. Sadly, the team bowed out of the event.

Pravin’s story is heart-wrenching and inspiring.

Pravin was born in a family of daily-wage laborers and lived in a tiny shack near a drain in the drought-prone Satara district of Maharashtra.

His life was full of hardships.

The school in his village had classes only up till 7th grade. Like most of the people in his village, he was probably destined to be a laborer.

But, fate had something else in store for him.

He was a sports enthusiast from his childhood. His school teacher, Vikas Bhujbal was one of the first people to notice his prowess in sports.

He initially began as an 800m sprinter but poverty and malnourishment made him switch to archery.

He began practicing with bows made ofbamboo.Availing the services of the…

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