How to use wordpress and

Android is getting pretty big these days as most everyone can tell, and that’s fueling the Android app market big time. One app I’ve found myself using a lot lately is the WordPress App. for Android (hmm imagine that!) It’s a great app for all of us bloggers out there who need to update articles or comments on the run. Today I’m going to give you a full screenshot tour of the App, as well as the basics of how to set it up to get you groovin’ with Android and WordPress.

Go to theAndroid Marketfrom your device and search for “wordpress,” the top result should beWordPressby Automattic, Inc. Alternatively, you can use a barcode scanner on your device and scan the QR code to the right; this will take you directly to the app.

Scan the Q Code to grab it on your android

Wordpress by Automattic in the Android Store

Step 2 – Install the App


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