Keto Espresso Cake

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This was an accidental recipe that turned out to be everyone’s favorite thing! I was supposed to be making a strawberry cake, but couldn’t find strawberry extract at any store I went to. At my 3rd stop I came across Lily’s chocolate chips…which is a keto friendly chocolate I have seen on Instagram and was super stocked to find in my local organic market! And it was sitting right next to the instant espresso, which gave me a new idea- vanilla cake with a chocolate espresso swirl and espresso buttercream!

For the cake I decided to try Swerve’s boxed cake mix instead of making my own. Swerve is the brand I use for sweeteners and their cookie mix is to die for, so I knew the cake would be amazing…and it was! And I’m all about the semi-homemade recipes and taking shortcuts when I can!


For the icing

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