Part 1- On-page SEO, How to let Google know what your page is about

Digital Vivek

How to structure your site for easy and automatic SEO

SEO is the process of getting your websites ranked on search engines such as Google. This blog is about how to structure your site for easy and automatic SEO for your WordPress blog. As an engineer, you may find yourself spending significant amounts of time on SEO. If so, you should read this blog so that you can structure your website in a way that will help it rank better for both local search and search engines using popular plugins like SEO by Wix.

“This is the week that your site is built! Let’s take a look at the tools we have for a successful build.”””” Yes. WordPress SEO is incredibly important. No other point is more crucial in building yours. Since there are so many plugins and themes available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Since designing and…

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