The Magic of Colour


Just as important as the composition of an image, the choice of aperture and shutter speed, is the choice of colour, that it works exactly the way you want it to. Colours are fundamental to an image, and what’s more, photography is light art, so colours are fundamental to it. Fortunately, with programmes such as LR, Photoshop, Affinity and many more you can play around with colouring in a way that painters cannot. Given the possibilities of colouring through modern programs, even P.O. Runge and E. Delacroix would have turned green with envy. “May it be,” ask our clever fairies, “that one can create more subtle nuances of colours with light colours than with surface colours?”

Dina-Hanne: desaturated colour-pop version with contrast.

Genauso wichtig wie Komposition eines Bildes, die Wahl der Blende und Verschlusszeit, ist die Wahl der Farbe, dass sie genau dearart wirkt, wie man…

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