Wet Sunday photo trickery…

Sun in Gemini

What do you do when it’s raining so hard that normal landscape photography is impossible? Stay indoors and use a simple trick to make some sophisticated and stylish abstracts for your future blogs… or even book covers.

(400 words, a two minute read)

(Above: a mysterious chest may hide many colourful secrets?)

They’re inexpensive, available online at a day’s notice, and will fool most observers into thinking you’re a Photoshop expert – which few of us amateurs can afford to be, these days.

For about £30, (one-off, non-recurring), you can get one of these:

This one is about six inches long. It’s lightweight, and looks like half a pair of binoculars, which is exactly what it is… Technically, it’s a monocular, and is a great pocket assistant on any walk involving landscapes, bird-spotting or the like. For the night sky, it’s indispensable. These modern, small telescopes pack a punch…

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