Effortless Solution to Move Outlook.com Folders into Any Desktop or Email Server Apps

Email File Conversion Tools

Outlook.com is a web-based application that helps to manage personal information of the user or a company. It was launched in 2012 by Microsoft after the phasing out of the Hotmailapp. This application manage emails, calendars items, address books, to do and tasks services for all its users. For its online users, it also work as a free service provider too but with the display of advertisements in between. Although, it gives exemption from these advertisement for subscribed users of Microsoft 365. The free storage is 15GB which is available for its users and more for Premium users of Office 365. This app permits Add-ins integrations and services to its users with Paypal, Fedex, and so on. Outlook.com is popular among users for one of the topmost feature that it can be accessible anywhere. Also, it grasp some of the more quality features like- sweep function, focused performance, automated bill…

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