13 June 2021: Chocolate Drop Cookies

Four Nights A Week

I’ve enjoyed baking for as long as I can remember, and throughout our COVID isolation, I made bread several times a week. With just two of us here, it’s hard to justify regularly baking desserts. However, watching the British Bake-off for the umpteenth time got me thinking: all those practice bakes at home had to go somewhere. And that’s when the idea for baking and sharing what I create started to come into focus. Now I just need to find homes for baked goods. Hopefully that won’t be a problem without a solution!

I’ve restarted regularly baking some new and some old favorites this week, and in addition to being more purposeful about shooting and blogging about “regular” dishes, I’ll be posting some baking that I’ve discovered. This cookie recipe was this week’s offering for dessert and it comes from King Arthur Baking. Easy to put together and delicious…

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