The ‘Yashica Pentamatic Fanatic’ is now ‘Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris’

Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris

Hi all!

It’s time for a change here on the blog. When I first starting blogging back in 2015 my goal was to consolidate everything I had discovered about one of Yashica’s least known 35mm SLR cameras, the Yashica Pentamatic.

The Pentamatic family of cameras were not often seen in the resale online platforms and quite frankly little was known about them (Pentamatic, Pentamatic II, and Pentamatic S). Now it’s time to rename the site to reflect a much broader range of cameras – mostly classic cameras and a few what I call ‘Modern Classics’ (even first generation digital cameras).

While I want to mainly focus on older film cameras I do enjoy the last run of modern film cameras from the late 1980s all the way up to the middle 2000s when the last 35mm film cameras for the most part were no longer being produced. I have found…

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