Sony A7r4 200-600

Rons life through the lens

The amazing combination of this setup has opened a new world for me. Birds in flight is the hardest form of photography to master and I have lost many amazing images because they were just out out of focus

Coal Tit

The smaller the bird the faster the bird means you have to have good knowledge of the bird and reactions to it appearing in your field of view.

Jay into land side on.

Over time I have learned many things about cameras and settings you need, but without the skill from the user it is near impossible to get a Razor sharp image of a fast moving bird in flight

Coal Tit lighting fast in flight.

So after Canon, Nikon, and Olympus I found Sony. The area i filmed in with all 3 was the same but the difference between the 4 was my keeper rate, the number of…

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