Healthy Diet & Mood


Another research article talking about the correlation between a healthy diet and improved wellness. Stop me if you’ve heard this before!

This study comes from Australia where researchers sought to understand if diet could affect mood, specifically treat or improve depression. Not surprisingly, those test subjects who improved their diets showed a material improvement in their mood (read: happier) compared to those who received only social support. This is not to say, at all, that social support isn’t important. It absolutely is! But how many conversations are patients having with their doctors about a change and improvement in their nutritional & dietary behavior when discussing depression? Not enough.

Which Diet & Why?

The study, and this article, suggest a diet you have likely heard of before…the Mediterranean-style diet. Fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts & legumes, olive oil, lean red meat, yogurts & cheese. So, why is this diet recommended…

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