Homemade Croissants – Recipe for Beginners

Have you guys ever wondered if it is possible to make those beautiful, flaky and crispy croissants that are displayed at fancy coffee shops at your home? Good news! It definitely is. You can make them from ingredients that are easy to get at your local supermarket, without any professional equipment, using a technique that is easy to follow for those who are new to baking this delicate pastry.


I have been trying to make perfect croissants for some time now. I have read countless articles and blogs of many bakers and pastry chefs and watched plenty of videos on techniques and tips&tricks. I was signed up for a croissant baking course here in New York a couple weeks ago – unfortunately, that has been postponed… I was really disappointed as I was looking forward to it for long weeks. Well, I did not get a chance to attend a course…

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