We drove the Mercedes 400 G d: an icon which remains THE off-road technological benchmark…

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The “G-Class” is with us since 1979, when in 1972 with a collaboration agreement between then Daimler-Benz AG and Steyr-Daimler-Puch in the Austrian city of Graz resulted in the development of an off-road vehicle which has since been honed and further developed in one of the world’s best off-road cars – ever. We drove the latest 400 G with the six cylinder in line 330 HP Diesel engine. As superb as it will ever be. Just read further!

An iconic shape…

All-wheel drive and 100-percent differential locks have also been part of the “G” since that time, as has the robust ladder-type frame. Also its external appearance has not changed significantly since 1979.

Iconic elements continue to serve very specific purposes, now as then, and to give the G-Class its unique appearance. All these are still found in the new G-Class: the distinctive door handle and the characteristic closing sound…

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