12 Top Things Bloggers Do to Get More Followers

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Wondering how to get more blog followers? If I was to start a blog again, there are so many things I would do differently. Hours of work wasted, yet many more put to good use. In this guide, I will share my blogging experience and give you a step-by-step guide on how to get blog followers.

This will include how to increase blog traffic, how to gain more followers on social media and the processes and plugins that I use to save time while gaining more followers. Read all twelve tips before implementing as they come as a package.

Naturally, bloggers will be reading this and thinking, she’s missed out the truth, the real things bloggers do to get more followers are avoid sleep, skip meals, live in their PJs, rarely brush their hair, ignore loved ones, live off coffee, surgically attach self to their phone and stress out.

Unfortunately there is some truth to…

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