How to Motivate Yourself to Achieve Any Goal (Part 1)

Shards of Bards

This month has been a rough one for me — I’ve been seeking a new job and it’s been very challenging to strike a balance between working, preparing for my forthcoming exam and relaxing. Usually, I don’t have time to write and when I find the time, I’m usually too tired to pick up my (digital) pen.

I’m very thankful, though, that as tired as I usually am, I hardly ever procrastinate when achieving my prioritised goals.

On the long road to success, life will throw you obstacles and challenges, and you’ll be faced with uncomfortable situations that will put you under pressure and feed on your positive energy — and maybe, give you a fever as terrible as the one I’ve been battling for four days now.

How do you motivate yourself?

Since I share my motivation techniques with my friends, I figured it was high time I shared…

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