Japanese Strawberry Sando recipe! A deliciously easy strawberry and cream sandwich!

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Have you tried Japanese Fruit Sandos?  They’re a new discovery for me and an amazingly fresh, tasty and slightly decadent snack.  What’s not to like?  They’re very simply sandwiches with fruit and whipped cream in fluffy Japanese milk bread.  Absolutely delicious!  Maybe they could sell strawberry ones at Wimbledon? 

Strawberry sando

When I first saw Sandos on the internet they looked so tempting and pretty.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t track down any Japanese milk bread (shokupan) in Barcelona so found a recipe to make a fluffy sourdough loaf with tangzhong, then followed a Sando recipe where a little sugar and rum is whisked into the cream (recipe links further down).  They’re sooo good!  If you can buy or bake Japanese milk bread, great.  Otherwise sandos apparently work with slices of brioche or white sandwich bread that hold their shape.  Instead of strawberries (or alongside them) you can use kiwis, orange segments or any…

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