Volvo launches C40 Recharge fully electric SUV – for online sales only

Revv It Up

Volvo has launched a new battery-electric crossover, the C40 Recharge, which is the first Volvo ever designed to be electric-only. The automaker has also announced that all EV sales will move to an online platform.

The C40 will be the first of the Volvo EVs sold on the upcoming Care by Volvo platform for online and mobile purchasing and customer care. Online sales for Volvo EVs will be handled through the company’s newly-revamped website, channeling buyers through the purchase process, and ultimately to a nearby dealership to pick up their vehicle.

The new Volvo is smaller in stature than theXC40 crossoverand, while having a crossover-SUV-style design, it’s more car-like than it is sport-utility in overall build. A lower roofline, lower ground clearance, and lower center of gravity are major differences to be seen. The C40 Recharge is built on the same CMA global platform as most new Volvo vehicles.

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