Wafer Chocolate Bars – Tin Larín Style

My Slice of Mexico

For this Valentine’s Day, I am sharing a chocolatey story and recipe.  

Chocolate bars with one or more wafer/biscuit layers are very popular all around the World.  Here in Canada, I was able to find several examples:

In the photo below, with cross sections, counter clock-wise from top left (all names in bold in this post are ™):  Canada’s own Coffee Crisp, introduced in 1938, with its unique layered wafers and coffee flavoured sweet filling; Great Britain’s McVitie’s Club, a chocolate-covered orange flavoured crunchy biscuit; globally known KitKat, original layered wafers with milk chocolate (now in hundreds of flavours, from white chocolate to green tea), mini sticks; and Kit Kat Chunky, the largest version;  Australian TimTam, a chocolate biscuit sandwich with chocolate cream filling (now also in other flavours);

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