Where to Start with WFH (Work From Home)?


After you’ve found the space you want to use at your house and found a suitable desk and chair, you’ll need to set up your tech! It’s common these days to have a multi-screen setup to perform your tasks more efficiently. Usually your IT department sets all this stuff up, so what are you supposed to do?! Relax! We’ve got you covered.

First, determine if you want a very reliable and stable connection to the internet for video conferencing and other high speed tasks. If so, it makes more sense to be hardwired with an ethernet cable coming directly from your router. This option may decrease your mobility if you like to move around the house, but you can always use Wi-Fi as a secondary option. If you prefer being mobile and don’t mind the occasional Wi-Fi outage and potential freeze up during a video call, then no worries at…

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