Symmetry in Photographs

Waking the Wombat

This week, the Lens-Artists photo challenge #116, concentrates on the various forms of symmetry to be found in photography; verticle, horizontal and radial. I’ve not spent much time experimenting with this so it’s certainly something I will explore next time I’m out and about with my camera. Much to my surprise I already have taken photos inline with the symmetrical theme although it wasn’t the intention when I took them!

Demonstrating vertical symmetry, this photograph was taken from our first apartment when we moved to Brisbane; we had a view of the Gabba Oval where a cricket match was just under way when these storm clouds rolled in.

Storm clouds gather over the Gabba

I was experiementing with movement in the next photo which turned out to be an epic fail, but I rather liked the alternative view of the escalators here at Roma Street Station, Brisbane. I’m glad…

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