12 Interesting Facts About Freelancers

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Who is a freelancer? What do you really do? Is it a part-time job? How much do you make? These are, but a few questions people frequently ask me when I tell them about my profession.

In truth, there is no particular way to explain what freelancing is all about.

It does mean working without the confines of a fixed job, but freelancing also differs from person to person.

There are, however, interesting facts about freelancers that are common to the broader job profile.

Irrespective of whether you are a medical transcriptionist, a travel blogger, a tech writer, a translator, or an editor, the following few aspects about freelancing remain the same.

We aren’t always “free”

The “free” in freelancer doesn’t mean that we are available at your beck and call all the time.

I’ve had clients disappear for days to suddenly come back and ask for a job to…

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