Discovering our food: kiwi

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Hello my dear readers,

Another week is here, this means another opportunity to start enjoying our life 🙂

This week, let’s discover the kiwi, a fruit that I love and eat every week 😊

Everything you need to know about kiwi_Popsicle Society

Impossible not to recognize the kiwi immediately with the classic brown skin and also a bit hairy and with the green pulp inside which encloses the small black seeds.

Kiwi origins_Popsicle Society

What are the origins of kiwi? The history of kiwi (Actinidia chinensis) was born in China more than seven hundred years ago, where already at the court of the Great Khan it was appreciated for the delicious taste and the emerald colored pulp.
The rest of the world began to know it only scientifically in the 1800s, when a collector of the Royal British Horticultural Society sent some fruits and seeds to his homeland.
But it is only in 1906 in New Zealand that kiwi cultivation…

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