After the Rain: Garden Photography

A Farm Girl's Life

Hello, dears!

These kinds of posts are some of my favorite to make, as you might know if you’ve been around here a while. 😉 Today I have a bunch of pretty nature photography for you, including butterflies, flowers, and raindrops found in our garden.

I took these photos the day after a glorious, answer-to-prayer rain finally came to end a summer drought. When you’re a farmer whose main key to success (the right weather) is totally out of your control, it teaches you dependence on God like nothing else, and also makes you so excited about rain that you’re riveted to the window, the weather app, and the rain gauge like they’re the most suspenseful movie ever. 😛

Everything was so beautiful and fresh the next day that I kinda just dropped everything and took a bunch of pictures. XD I hope you enjoy the results!

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