Instagram Tips – For Males (and for females, maybe)

Chirag Barjatya

First, let’s talk about the real issue.

The day before yesterday I met one of my close friend Rashmi Agarwal (@rashmi.anaokar.agarwal) who is now an Instagram Influencer and doing well very with her content and posts. We discussed how things are going in the wrong direction because of ‘Beta Thirsty Males’ who are following top/average Instagram users (girls) for all wrong reasons and a majority of those girls are sexualising themselves to attract such ‘beta thirsty males’ because after all, it is all about followers and likes. But the girls are not at fault here, the fault is of us Men who are making every next door girl famous on Instagram just because she posts a sun-kissed selfie with dog filter every day.

Men, Why are you doing this?

Why are you so thirsty all the time to instantly follow such people who are generating no useful content, sharing no knowledge…

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