Chocolate Mousse Cake

Pam's Kitchen

A version of this cake has always been one of my favorite Passover treats. The ‘new version’ includes a gluten-free chiffon cake, versus the original version that was made with cake meal. If you’d like a simple, gluten-free chiffon cake to have over the holiday, use this one! Just leave out the mousse and whipped cream.

You will only need about half of the chocolate chip chiffon cake for the final desserts. So either make double the mousse and make two cakes OR, just enjoy the other half of the cake with tea of coffee. When I was growing up, a wedge of this cake was often considered breakfast during the week.

Finally, though I much prefer using butter and real whipping cream for this, you can absolutely replace the butter with margarine and replace the whipped cream with whipped parve topping if you need a parve dessert.

This will…

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