Red and Orange Preset


An instagram theme with strong vibrance could be enticing. High contrast and high saturation showing off the vivid colors of red and orange. See how I did it on my photos in Korea. Let’s get started!


Pay attention to the subject of your photo. This preset works best on a photo with dominant colors of red, orange, and black to achieve this perfectly.

Getting Started

On this tutorial, let us use the landscape move over the portrait mode.

Step: One

First thing you want to edit is the Light.

Step: Two

Adjust your Color.

Note: This could vary from photo to photo. You could always adjust it to your preferred look.

Lastly, remove unwanted color/s that may interfere on achieving a perfect red and orange look.

Step: Three

Enhance your photo with the Detail.

On a Different Perspective

Since every photo has unique and different color dominance, let…

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