How to Make a Change in Your Diet

Chloe Cooks Vegan


Thinking of making a change to your diet? Whether its due to allergies or personal beliefs, it’s never completely straight forward. It can be hard cutting a certain type of food out when you have eaten it since you were a child. Here are my top tips for anybody needing or wanting to start their journey.

  1. Why?: Think about the reasons why you are making this change. When I went vegan, I spent a lot of time researching the benefits a vegan lifestyle can have on my health, the environment and the well-being of animals. When I went gluten-free, it was because of the problems I was having with my health and was advised to cut gluten out by a doctor. Make sure, whatever your reason, that it is a good one and that this change is going to benefit you in some way – that will be enough to…

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