What is the role of Multimedia in E-Commerce


E-Commerce – It stands for electronic commerce. The word “electronic commerce” has evolved from electronic shopping. It involves all the features of business and market processes which allows by the Internet and the World Wide Web technologies. Electronic Commerce means that the selling and purchasing products by using Internet and services through Web storefronts

Image result for e-commerceImportance of Multimedia in E-Commerce – Text is the most commonly used media for communication. It is widely used for communication of education, information, entertainment and many more through books, newspaper, and magazines. Use of photography and pictures improves the presentation of a text. This improvement is brought through multimedia which is a combination of different media such as text, sound, video, graphics, animation and many more. Use of computers had made the presentations of multimedia very easy now.

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Multimedia is a fast growing technology and is widely used for business world also. The hardware and software…

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