Is Blogging A Real Job?

. . . Life.

Hi gorgeous people – I’m back and ready to get stuck into the blogging world again! However, as a kind of explanation for why juggling blogging and important life events can be tricky (hence the disappearing act), today’s post is going to be about why I consider blogging to be a real job.

Right, straight off the bat: I am biased on the topic of whether or not blogging is a real, legitimate job. I am so biased that you may as well call me Fox news, give me a “Make America Great Again” cap and a really shitty spray tan.

Why am I biased? Two reasons.

  1. I am a blogger.

    I run a blog. I put hard work and consistent effort into my blog. I earn money off said blog. Naturally, this puts me strongly in the “blogging is a real job” camp. (Well, I earned money off my…

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