All you need to know about Microsoft Windows 11!

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Microsoft launched Windows 11 on Thursday through a live-stream virtual event. Microsoft’s Panos Panay introduced Windows 11 and also told about the new features that would make it more user-friendly.

New Features:

  • The first most awesome feature of Windows 11 is that you can now operate all the android apps on your Windows desktop. So now users can play their favorite games and can use their favorite apps on their Windows desktop. The users can download android apps through Amazon Appstore.
  • Users can configure multiple desktops for work, home, and gaming, just like on a Mac. Also, Windows 11 has a Mac-like interface.
  • The “Start” button will now be located at the bottom-center of the screen rather than the left-hand side.
  • Xbox gaming will be improved.
  • Users can video call anyone, it will not matter which device the other person will be using, even if it is a Mac.
  • Auto…

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