Mindful Habits | How to be Mindful

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So, you’ve read “An Introduction to Mindfulness” or have discovered this popular ideology on your own and are intent to embrace this lifestyle. That’s wonderful – We’re on the same page here.

Adopting mindfulness doesn’t have to be (and isn’t) a difficult thing to do though it may often seem like a daunting task. I’ve found that the best way to incorporate mindfulness is slowly/incrementally.

Personally, it is easiest to break down being “mindful” into how it would fit into the different aspects of my life – such as mindful eating, sleeping, and exercising – so that’s how this series will work as well. 🙂 Today’s topic is more of an over-arching, general one however: mindful habits.

These are habits and general tips you can use in your quest to become more mindful rightnow. Good luck in your endeavor to achieve a more mindful life.

Mindful Habits

  • Practice…

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