Moving to Singapore : Things to know

Tangerine Tomatoes

An island of dreams, perfection and human imagination – that is Singapore. The place is inimitable and nothing like any country or city I have been to.

There is a little list of things to make your move to the land of Merlion convenient:

  • The public transport is quick, affordable and spotless, particularly MRT. Rent a house near to *any* MRT station. The travel time would be maximum an hour.
  • It’s a hot and humid place. I sweat a lot. However I noticed that after two weeks my sweating has adjusted. Always carry a handkerchief.
  • On any escalator please pick the left to stand. Leave the right of the step for people who want to step up.
  • Try to carry your Employment Pass all the times.
  • Carry an umbrella.
  • If you are budget sensitive, shop from Mustafa for electronics and food. Prefer local supermarket (non air conditioned) than air conditioned…

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