Lightweight Backpacking Tips: 5 ways I reduced my pack weight – Including packing list

Wandering Pine

IMG_3831.jpg Photo taken 3 hours before our son’s 18th birthday, right after his eagle paperwork was signed!

FUN NEWS! Our Superior hiking Trail adventure is being featured all week as a series on the BSA Instagram page. Volunteering with our son’s Boy Scout Troop has provided me with opportunities that have ignited a passion for the outdoors and empowered me to pursue adventure both inside and outside of Scouting activities. I’m grateful for the youth and adult leaders that have taught me along the way and am totally honored to be featured as an Adventure Ambassador! So to celebrate, I have been reposting the BSA feature and sharing photos of our own family’s Scouting history on the WP Instagram and Facebook page every day this week. Check it out! Thanks BSA!


Lighten up!

Last week, I posted our itinerary and more stuff I learned from our Superior Hiking Trail hike

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